Bad Coronavirus/poem:(

It keeps us from school and friends:( It feels like it never ends:( Stores are stocked and doors are locked:( Everything is so boring and scientists are exploring:( I still think this is of silly and my dad makes me do P.E where it is hilly:( I miss you very much and we’re not aloud to touch 🙁

Writing- Settings

See Taste Feel Smell

  1. It has the flag of Italy
  2. There are trains
  3. There are people
  4. They are in a building
  5. There are train tracks
  6. People have suit cases
  7. When you look the middle of the roof you can see the sky
  8. There are signs
  9. I can see lights
  10. On the side of the train it say’s Mau- Strrt
  11. You can see what people are wearing
  12. The back cart door’s are yellow
  13. There are door’s on the cart’s
  14. Some of the roof is brown
  15. I see a blue backpack
  16. I see a girl with white hair
  17. There are white wall’s
  18. Someone is wearing a white shirt
  19. The cart’s on the train have window’s
  20. I felet smushed
  21. I could smell the gas fro the train
  22. I felt anxious
  23. I felt nervous
  24. I smelt a lot of cologne
  25. I smelt cannoli

Camp Awesome

I  went on a field trip to Camp Lincoln.  It was super fun.  We went on a lively hike.  First we got some supplies to make nature tea. The stuff you need to make it is Indian Cucumber mint leaves, pine needles, hot water, and you can also add blueberries.  Then we started walking while we let the nature tea sit in its thermos. It was a narrow trail that walked around camp. In one spot, there was a  teeny farm with goats and other animals. The goats had silky fur. When we got to the final point on the trail,  we stopped and tried the nature tea. It was bland. When we got back it was time to pack up. That was a fun experience. I LOVE CAMP LINCOLN!